College Recruit Will Develop Your Athletic Talent,
While Creating Maximum Exposure To Your Top College Selection Around The USA.
Utilizing Our Proprietary Marketing Platform.

Sports Performance

Our strategic partnership with Vara Unik sports performance, introduces you to an entirely new world of elevated athlete development and analysis. 


You can work with our mentorship team over the course of a year. Our purpose is to help our clients build a mental fortress, which acts as their foundation.

Marketing Platform

As College Recruit will also design a customized marketing platform that you can leverage to generate the best opportunities for your life.

Train With Vara Unik's Proprietary Training Software.

Performance Programs, Nutritional Alignment, Progress Tracking.

The Athlete Development programs offered to you, through College Recruit are unparalleled. We have strategic relationships with experts across most athletic disciplines.

Our partnership with Vara Unik, allows us to utilize high performance software to help make sure we are developing talent in a quantifiable way. If you need to increase your speed and strength. A training program, meal plan, and testing schedule will be delivered, with frequent reporting that will be a tool for marketing your improvement as an athlete.

Work With Our Mentors To Develop Your Mental Fortress.

Get Prepared For Success In Sports & Life.

You have are starting to take on more responsibility, and it is important to have the right leadership around you as you learn how to prioritize your decisions.

Our Mentorship team is there to help make sure you work towards you're goals and stay accountable. While keeping balance in your life, by educating you on the importance of self awareness, mindfulness, meditation and respect. 

Experience Our Complete Athlete Marketing Platform.

Take Advantage Of Our Personalized Marketing Platform To Generate Opportunities For You.

Want to stand out from every other athlete and student? That is what the College Recruit marketing platform will do for you. Our extensive knowledge in design, marketing, tech, and a network across North America. Which allows us to build our clients, an interactive marketing platform. Optimized for engagement with possible sponsors, employers and athletic recruiters.

College Recruit will manage this platform and ensure that our client is maximizing the potential opportunities available to them.

International Student Athletes

If you are a student athlete abroad, looking to go to school in the United States and want to find out which schools are looking to offer you scholarships. We will track down the list of candidates based on your requirements and bring the opportunities to you!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!