How To Become Like Your Favorite Athlete

We all have someone that we look up to in life. Those of us who played sports growing up, always had a few people that we really looked up to in life. Whether it was Micael Jordan, Lebron James, Sidney Crosby, Derek Jeter, Cam Newton or anybody with extraordinary talent. We would always find ourselves trying to emulate them. This is How To Become Like Your Favorite Athlete.

What allowed these Sports Icons, the ability to achieve, this level of greatness?

One thing is certain, there is usually a deep level of passion and commitment from someone who achieves such a high level of success. We have all heard the stories of the kid who used to be out all night, taking slap shots against the barn, or shooting free throws.

The way technology and science has expanded, has really given us an advantage. Especially when it comes to tapping into our potential. For Athlete’s, with the Proper Training, Diet, and Leadership Development, you can be part of the next generation leading the sport forward.


It starts with work ethic. You need to feel motivated to go out and become your best. No more telling yourself “I can’t.” Step up and just “do.” Find yourself a great trainer. Tell them your budget and encourage them to help you achieve your goals.

When you have a plan, push yourself to achieve lofty goals. Utilize your time with your trainer effectively, and establish great communication with them. This will increase the rate you see results. Check out Vara Unik’s unique training platform.


Your body is the engine, food is your fuel. Understand what you are consuming, and work with a dietician to map out an effective macronutrient ratio. Build a healthy eating cycle and monitor your results.


Great athlete’s are generally where they are, because of great leadership. In order to do great things you need have a strong mental game. When you learn to understand which knowledge is going to help you grow, vs the kind that will inhibit your ability to reach your potential.

Who knows what you are ultimately going to achieve in life, and in sports. If you take these things serious enough to focus on improving how they impact your life, I am confident that you will ultimately achieve greatness in your own area of life.

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