How To Build Mental Toughness

In sports, and life, building mental toughness and work ethic is often the indicator of what kind of success you will achieve. There are many great physical specimen out there, but very few know how to excel when the pressure mounts. In order to rise up, take the bull by the horns and win. There are a few processes the greatest athletes use to develop a strong mental fortress.


It’s equally as important as working hard to hone your craft. You need to be willing to detach from everything and get a solid nights rest. Let your body recharge properly. By getting 7 to 10 hours rest per night. It gives your muscle fibres time to mend and become stronger, your mind the ability to let go of the things that stress you out, and allow the lessons of the day the necessary time to absorb into your subconscious.

You may think that you’ll work 20 hours a day and live on 4 hours of sleep. But try it out for 1 week, and get a healthy amount of rest. You’ll notice a difference in your decision making ability, endurance, reaction times and strength.


The value of meditation goes unnoticed for the bulk of people in society. Learning to breath and be mindful allows your body to efficiently cycle oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout your body. Use diaphragmatic breathing techniques to help achieve this mental state. Even 15 minutes a day can do wonders for the regular person. High performance athletes will see an even bigger advantage, because their bodies work more efficiently. 

Pressure Situations

Why wait for the big game to practice dealing with a high pressure situation? The best athlete’s always find a way to up the stakes of practice. Make a wager with your training partners. Even if it is something as simple as running extra laps or bringing lunch for the group. Learn how to calm your nerves in these situations, by building a rock solid routine and mental process. This way when you have a chance to win the game, you will have some process to fall back on. It really does help take your mind away from what is really at stake. 

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