How To Find The Best Scholarship Opportunity

Scholarship Opportunities

Apply Yourself In The Classroom

The first place to prepare for your future is in the classroom. Too many athlete’s bank on their physical ability to get them by in life and they oversee the value of in class skills. The ability to learn and understand different aspects of life is as valuable on the field, as it is off the field. When you are trying to learn new concepts for your playbook, or you are working with your trainer to create a diet and training program. Having a solid foundation in life helps make this process easier.

First you have to buy into these ideas mentally, then you can do them physically. If you learn how to excel at learning, your athletic career will thrive, and you will have something to fall back on later in life once your body is beat up from decades of sport.

Hone Your Athletic Abilities

Now that we have a better understanding of the mental side of developing ourselves, your your butt off developing your talent. Train hard, practice harder. Be a leader to your team and show them what happens when you combine hard work, the right attitude, and discipline to achieve a standard that colleges seek out to be apart of their athletic program.

Figure Out Where You Would Like To Go To College

Next you need to really put some thought into where you want to get your college education. Most people either focus on the big Div 1 schools or the local University. Do some research into what success students have finding careers, once they have graduated from the program.

Find an environment that will help you grow and develop. If you enjoy the beach, maybe it’s time to start thinking about heading out to the coast to get your post-secondary education. Once you have a list of criteria, let’s find the best scholarship opportunities available to you.

Build The Right Marketing Platform

So you’re applying yourself in the classroom, training your butt off, and now you have an idea of where you want to spend the next 4 years during your post-secondary education. Now build yourself a solid marketing platform to gain you the right kind of exposure.

This starts with understanding who you need to appeal to in the university’s program, or college recruitment team. We generally build a website for our clients that has everything from their highlight reel, to their academic achievements and everything you have accomplished outside the classroom and on the field.

From here, it is about engagement and learning more about what the best opportunities are out there for you. Don’t always settle for the first option, now you have some information to go talk with another school about. Maybe they will make you a better offer!


If you want help going through this process in life, we are happy to help. Fill out your scholarship  eligibility form and we can help you navigate through the college recruitment process, while developing your athletic and mental strengths.

Scholarship Eligibility Form

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