How To Contact College Coaches

You are a Junior or Senior in High School and now it is time to start putting in the work to get the best athletic scholarship offer you can secure. There is a lot of work that goes into your studies, training and now marketing yourself to the universities and coaches that can make a difference to you post secondary experience. Here are a few tips on how high school athlete’s should contact college coaches to open up the best opportunities.

Visit or Call Them

If the schools you are looking to be recruited for your sports scholarship are in a different state, it is not as economical to drop by the campus and make a visual presence (which is the most ideal way to develop a strong first impression). Instead, you should give the coaches a call. Try and find a time when it is a little slower in the season, otherwise you won’t be getting their full attention.

When you get them on the phone, tell them why their program caught your attention, and what you feel you can help them achieve by bringing your athletic ability to the organization. Keep your call concise and ask them if it is okay to follow up by sending your sports marketing material to them.

Send Them Your Marketing Material

In the College Recruit world, we develop a custom marketing platform for our athlete’s which includes a custom website. If you don’t have this resource, make sure you do a good job cleaning up your social media profiles. Post some relevant content for the coaches to be directed towards. You can upload your highlight video and send over any academically relevant information, so they get an idea of the person they are dealing with.

Act Professional

It is important to showcase your professionalism. Do not contact these coaches and use slang or unprofessional dialect. Make sure you address their needs and how you feel you can be of value. Try and tailor your message to the individual and don’t create a script that you blast off to 20 different coaches.

Follow Up

After you have done the initial steps of reaching out to the coach, and sending over your marketing material. Give them a few days to go through it and then follow up asking for some feedback and if there is anything else they would like to know about your athletic ability or educational background. If they are interested, now would be the time to inquire whether you should go visit the school and maybe take part in some training where the coach gets a first hand look at what your athletic ability is, so you can secure a scholarship offer.


Know you know the key to marketing your athletic abilities to coaches. If you can take this advice and run with it, College Recruit is confident that you will see the doors of opportunity open up. If you don’t feel like you have the time and would like professionals to handle your college scholarship marketing. College Recruit is more than happy to help you succeed in securing the best opportunity available to you.

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