Understand The Requirements For Athletic Scholarships

Often when I am discussing life choices with my clients, we are so focused on sports performance, that we need to take a step back and focus on what other areas we need to be aware of while developing an athlete. Such as understanding the requirements for athletic scholarships

At College Recruit, we understand the process that each student athlete goes through on their way through life. Beyond working with our Athlete’s and their families, to understand what it takes to be physically successful on the field. We need to inform them on how Age Requirements, their Athletic Ability, and Academic Results come together to shape the best scholarship opportunities.

Age Requirements

It is important to understand what age you become eligible for athletic scholarships. In the USA you must be between 18 – 24 years old and be no further in your post secondary education than your 6th semester of instruction.

It is ideal to jump directly from high school into university, from a “get the most out of your scholarship” position is concerned. Each year that an athlete spends playing sports between their university career, reduces the likely hood of a great scholarship opportunity.

Athletic Ability

It is wise to understand where you stack up competitively. How are you going to showcase to your coach, that you have solid leadership abilities, a coachable personality and excel under pressure? The score only tells a certain aspect of your athletic ability, we need to get your prospects to understand what really sets you apart from the other applicants.

That’s where College Recruit’s athlete development program works with our marketing department to make sure the nuances of your talent are understood by coaches and recruiters.

Academic Results

Of course, your grades can often be the largest factor when determining where you are going to get an education and the scholarship opportunities that will come your way. With the College Recruit program, we stress the importance of taking responsibility over our clients grades.

Our ultimate goal is to see you succeed in life, and making sure you understand your course work is a great place to start.

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