Life After Sports: Building A Career

All athlete’s have to accept that one day, they may not have the physical capabilities to compete in their respective sport. Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, Jack Nicklaus and Derek Jeter all had to accept this reality at one point or another.

The beauty is, this doesn’t have to be something for athlete’s to fear. Younger athlete’s need to embrace this inevitability, and prepare themselves to be a more 3 dimensional person. While experiencing absolute joy during the period of their life, spent passionately playing their favorite sport.

Sports Prepares You For Life

Many aspects of sport can be understood as models for the real world. Teamwork, dedication, and self confidence are some of the lessons sports teach us about growing up and excelling in our craft. To which the goal is be successful and win at life.

Keeping this in mind, a sport/life balance can be achieved, which allows athlete’s to keep issues on the field in perspective.

– A U.S. Department of Education report said that high school athletes are more likely to go to college and ultimately graduate.

– A Gallup study found that former student-athletes are happier and more fulfilled than non-athletes.

– 94 percent of female executives played a sport and most – 61 percent – cite sports as critical to their success, according to an ESPNW survey.

The Right Scholarship Can Help You Get The Degree You Want

Often passions are leading us in the direction that our future selves will have looked back on and appreciate, if we take action. Why not let your athletic ability, help secure a college scholarship and any other opportunity that will help you succeed beyond sports?

At College Recruit, we take this aspect of life seriously. We do a behavioural analysis of all our applicants to understand what they want to achieve beyond their athletic accomplishments, and find the right environment for them to excel.

Understand Personal Finance

Another aspect that College Recruit emphasizes with our clients, is understanding personal finance and setting people up for success, from the beginning. It is one thing to have fun in life, but we will teach you some of the ideas behind investing in yourself, the risks of credit card debt and financing an expensive lifestyle. Once you have a solid understanding of what makes you happy, you can develop a lifestyle to suit your needs.

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